Raiding with Deadside


Raid Info


We raid at the Heroic level with a team of ~15

Tuesday and Thurday from 8-11pm server time (EST) (NOTE: Raid time is temporarily changed to Wed/Th for fall 2018)

Invites go out at 7:45




Warcraft Logs




Watch us Raid!


Deadside guild first Archimond kill

Deadside guild first Blackhand kill*

 Deadside guild first Lei Shen kill


*Complete with intro montage of repeated wipe calling and the anguished screams of a sub 1% wipe!



Raiding Guidlines


Raiding in Deadside can be summarized by the following:

We all enjoy playing WoW with friends and raid to have fun. We are "casually serious" meaning we don't raid as often as some guilds, but when we do, we want to make the most of that time. We all have real life responsibilities that can sometimes interfere with WoW but because we only raid 6 hours a week, we expect everyone to give 100% for those few hours.

The team comes before the individual. Our loot policy, our recruiting, our decisions on who comes/sits on any given fight, are all based around this belief. Raiders are expected to keep this in mind and act accordingly.



Raiders are expected to:

- Show up regularly, ON TIME, meaning 15 minutes before first pull, and to be able to stay for the entire raid. If you are unable to make it or will be late, let an officer know as early as you can (not just 20 mins before pull)

- Be fully repaired, gemmed, enchanted, use flasks, etc. 

- Research the fights before the raid

- Be in Discord and keep it clear during boss fights, explanations etc

- Run DBM or equivalent (other addons may be requested for certain classes/roles/fights)

- Regroup as fast as possible after a wipe so we can try again (do not use this time to get a snack or just lay there dead waiting for a rez)

- Not go afk unnecessarily. The raid leader will call for regular breaks, take your snack/drink/bathroom break then



- The Raid Leader is in charge, NO ONE ELSE is to call for pull, a wipe, a b-rez, heroism, etc. If they do, ignore them. The raid leader has the final say on what strat will be used.

Treat other raiders with respect. Everyone can't be at exactly the same skill/gear level. We can only progress if we work as a team. 

- Anyone who makes a habit of not following these rules will lose their Raider status.



Attendance Policy


See this forum post for more information about our attendance policy




Loot Distribution


With all raids now using Personal Loot, any loot that is not needed and can be traded will be rolled off, main spec before offspec (note: Your main spec is the primary spec that you play, not necessarily the spec you are playing at the time the boss dies).

Bind on equip gear - The gold provided from BOE gear is needed to fund the cost of raiding. When a person receives a BOE item they will choose if they would like to keep it to use on their main raiding toon, or pass (keeping a BOE to sell or give to another toon is not allowed). If they choose to keep the loot they must equip it so that it becomes soulbound. If the person decides they do not want the item for use on their main raiding toon, the item will be passed to an officer to distribute to another raider or to be sold to provide money for the guild bank.