Antorus, The Burning Throne

Tomb of Sargeras

Deadside KilJaden Kill

The Nighthold

Deadside Guldan Kill

Trial of Valor

Deadside Helya Kill

Look out for the mareeener!

The (Emerald) Nightmare is Over!

Deadside Xavius Kill

Welcome to Legion

Our 5th expansion and still going strong. See you in the Emerald Nightmare!


Glory of the Raider

Deadside glory of the raider

After taking care of Archimond we returned to raid Tiers 17 and 18 to take on the challenge of completing the meta achievements Glory of the Hellfire Raider and Glory of the Draenor Raider. Awesome mounts for everyone!

The Black Gate

Deadside archimond kill
Grats to all of the raiders on killing Archimond and finishing up another successful expansion!

5 Years Later

sindragosa 5 years later

Tonight we returned to Ice Crown Citadel to revisit the first raid boss that Deadside ever faced, Sindragosa. A lot has happened since that day 5 years ago. None of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into, all we knew was that we wanted to kill raid bosses and have fun doing it with people we enjoyed being around. 5 years later, we have stayed true to that goal and have successfully completed every raid that we set our sights on. It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been worth it thanks to the people we have gotten to share it with over the years.

So here's to all the guild members past and present! Deadside wouldn’t exist without all of you that have decided to make it your home in Azeroth.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

Blackhand's Crucible

deadside blackhand kill
It was a long time coming, but we did it!

Imperator's Fall

deadside imperator kill

Grats to all the raiders on downing Imperator!

Welcome to Warlords of Draenor!

After a rough expansion lauch the Deadside raiders are working hard on leveling and gearing up in preparation for the new raid content which we'll be facing at the "new" Heroic level.

Raiding open on December 2nd, see you there!

Herald of the Titans

Herald of the Titans

It was a few months in the making but after leveling a team of 80s and gearing through Ulduar, we finally defeated Algalon the Observer, earning the title "Hearld of the Titans"!

Congrats to the Mythose, Xanaxchomper, Nacholibram, Pars, Serindy (& Skitty) and Ramideus

Garrosh is Defeated!

Garrosh is defeated

Congrats to all the raiders on another successful expansion

9/9 Gold Challenge Modes!

challeneg mode team

Grats to Team Deadside Challenge Modes
Nacholibram, Xanaxchomper, Ramideus, Buyafort and Serindy... and of course Blancy

The End of the Thunder King!



Tier 14 Clear!

Grats to all the raiders!


Exterminate! Exterminate!


I hate bugs...

Mogu'shan Vaults Clear!


Mogushan Vaults



The Countdown is On...

After enjoying great success in Cata, the Deadside Raiders are back after our end-of-expansion break and ready to jump into raiding in MoP. We are excited to be on a much better server, we have a solid roster of core raiders who have proven their awesomeness in downing raid bosses, and everyone is ready to hit the ground running when the expansion drops.  

Be sure to check out the forums for the most up-to-date information. Let’s make this expansion the best one yet!

Anyone interested in joining Deadside to raid should fill out an application and/or contact one of the officers in game.


Destroyer's End!


Deathwing kill


Congrats to all the Deadside Raiders


Yes, we are hot stuff!


Ragnaros kill

Congrats to all the Deadside Raiders on killing Ragnaros



Old school raiding - AQ40


AQ40 bug mounts

Bug mounts for everyone!


So long Nefarian!

Nefarian kill

Congrats to all the Deadside raiders on completing the Tier11 raids.

To the Firelands!


The Lich King is dead and Azeroth is safe... OR IS IT?


After saving Azeroth from the Lich King, the Deadside raiders are ready to take on the task of hunting down the Twilight Cult and Deathwing.


We are happy to be welcoming back some of our previous raiders who helped us work through ICC, many of the core raid group who made the Lich King beg for mercy and cry like a little girl, AND we are very excited to have a couple of new raiders joining us from "the other side"


We are still in the process of forming the 10-man core raid group and finalizing raid times, so stay tunned to the Raiding page for more info. Anyone interested in joining Deadside to raid should fill out an application and/or contact one of the officers in game.


Attention all Current Raiders: Be sure to make a GuildLauch account and "apply to guild". This is just a formality, you will of course be approved ASAP so you can post on the forums, vote in the polls, see calendar content, and post a picture so other members can see how hot you are.





Congrats to all the Deadside raiders!



Sindragosa is DEAD!


Great job guys, onto the Lich King!