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re: Loot Policy - Legion


Loot System & Policy


An important message about loot:

In this guild, the purpose of raiding is not to get loot. The purpose of raiding is to the see the game, progress through the content, and have fun with friends. The ultimate reward is downing bosses, not getting loot.

That said, loot does serve a purpose. It helps us progress further as a team, it improves our individual characters, and it looks cool! We realize that loot matters more to some people than to others and we have tried to design a loot system that distributes the loot in a fair and transparent way, that ensures that the loot is distributed among all raid members as this is in the best interest of the team, and that rewards people who contribute to our ultimate goal of progression by showing up to raid consistently.

Issues can arise with any loot system and if that happens we expect everyone to act like adults about it. Make your concerns known to the lootmaster/officers and work with them to resolve the issue. The team comes before the individual. Loot drama will not be tolerated.


*All raids now use Personal Loot*

As all loot will now be distributed to specific people by the game itself, we will only be using our loot system for gear that is 1) unwanted by the person that received it, and 2) able to be traded. If you receive a piece of gear that you don't want and are able to trade it, pass it to the lootmaster to be distributed according to our regular loot system.


Loot system overview – SuicideKings

We use a modified SuicideKings loot system. At the beginning of a raid tier, everyone rolls to determine their place on the loot list. When a piece of gear drops, the person that wants it and who currently holds the highest position on the list (the “king”) is awarded that piece of gear and is moved to the bottom of the list (“suicides”).

- A new list will be made at the beginning of each raid tier.

- New raiders or raiders who are returning after an extended absence will be added to the bottom of the loot list.

- Main specs are given priority over off specs. Your main spec is the spec you normally play during raid, NOT necessarily the spec you are using at the time the gear dropped (e.g. for person who normally plays DPS but was filling in as a backup tank at the time of the kill, their main spec is still DPS, tanking is their off spec).

- Making use of all available gear upgrades is in the best interest of the team. Trashing gear upgrades in order to maintain your place on the loot lists (in an effort to ensure you are first in line should a preferred piece of gear drop) is not allowed.


Bind on equip gear

The gold provided from selling BOEs is needed to fund the cost of raiding. BoEs will be handled in the following way:

- The person that received the BOE item will choose if they would like to keep it to use on their main raiding toon, or pass. (Keeping a BoE to give to another toon or to sell is not allowed).

- If they choose to keep the loot they must equip it so that it become soulbound and they will be suicided on the SK loot list.

- If the person decides that they do not want the item for use on their main raiding toon, the item will be passed to the lootmaster to be distributed to another raid member using the SK loot system, or to be sold to provide money for the guild bank.

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